Why We Exist


Despite phenomenal technological advances in every imaginable domain of scientific exploration, we continue to struggle with the most basic of human challenges: that children are not born into and trapped in poverty, survive and live to their full potential, are able to receive primary education at the minimum… the list goes on.

At Community Empowerment Lαβ, we believe that game-changing solutions to these challenges can only be found through innovations that are just & lasting. However such innovations can only be created when, firstly, communities become active drivers of their own evolution and not merely remain passive recipients of interventions. Secondly, there must be an ecosystem that fosters free & fair meeting & mating of ideas between global and local communities. This is when true innovations will be conceived - those that lie at the confluence of science & local wisdom.

Community Empowerment Lαβ is borne out of this belief.


Our Logo

Our logo has been created out of the leaf of the ‘peepal’ tree (Ficus religiosa). Peepal is the most revered and is regarded as the most exalted of all trees in the Indian subcontinent. For millennia, its thick dense foliage has provided respite to the most weary traveller and peace to the meditating saint; its medicinal leaves used in the treatment of a multitude of diseases and preserved in the folds of books for their beautiful matrix of veins. Famously known as the ‘Bodhi’ tree, it is the tree under which the Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment.

It would be difficult to find a village in India that does not have a peepal tree - under its bountiful shade, people come together to meet, share ideas and discuss issues both trivial and important. The peepal tree belongs to no one, and yet belongs to everyone. The peepal therefore, symbolizes the ecosystem for free & fair meeting & mating of ideas that Community Empowerment Lαβ™ seeks to foster. It also represents the infinite intelligence of natural systems that we seek inspiration from in order to co-develop sustainable human systems.

The multi-hued leaves signify the diversity of ideas, disciplines, people and communities that we seek to bring together to solve the greatest challenges that confront humanity. They signify our respect for the uniqueness of each individual and each opinion, and recognise that transformative solutions will be found when these diverse faculties are harmonized towards a shared purpose. The white core signifies the purity, simplicity and brilliance of such unifying and empowering solutions.

The ‘i’ in the Community represents embedded innovation.